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Meet Emmitta J. Lewis

Multimedia Software Dev. + Design - Digital Media Artist
[917] 893-0436

My focus as a Digital Media Artist is in specializing as a Multimedia Designer / Developer for AR / VR primarily. I want to incorporate 2D / 3D animation & video production. That is what I'd like to do with my degree as well as eventually become the. principal creator of the "look 'n' feel" conceptualization of creative projects, including animation, video, or/and game development. Education: I feel I am well suited for this career specialty because I have an eye for drama with my theater background, for the theatrical and fully realized production values - great music, etc. I have created 9 complete video game titles [RIPPLES, TOWNIES, HUGS-N-HAUNTS, DINO-BOOM, FOOD-FIGHT, G-FORCE WELLNESS, GEM CATCHER, SIMON SAYS & ARCHER] to-date 2D/3D projects both on my own and in a group setting. I enjoy both ways of working. I find the process to be stimulating either way.


I have experience using Unity 2D & 3D, Maya, 3D Studio Max, and Storyboard PRO - Photoshop, Illustrator and found these programs adaptable to learning other similar programs. My skill set is such that at The Animation Mentor School, I learned about storytelling and creating compelling scenes. And here at the University of Florida's Digital World Institute, I learned how to tie it all together - the aesthetics with intense programming/software development to create an attractive, fully functioning finished product. I attended the 3D Training Institute, where I learned to work in a production pipeline. Pratt Manhattan, where I learned traditional 2D animation and Software Development as well as worked in 3D Studio Max doing character modeling, motion graphics & rigging production, attended the High School of Art & Design, where I took Theater Arts & Illustration, Fashion Institute of Technology where I learned all about interactive media prototyping, and graphic design and got my Associates Degree. 10 of my Videos were Nominated for Film Festival Awards.


In 5 years, I would like to have found a challenging position in Multimedia design/development, combining video production & concept artistry, at an innovative company with whom I can grow long-term, utilizing my accumulated expertise and vast experience. Thank you for considering my application.

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